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Live Your Dream Recognition & Award Brunch June 23, 2017

Live Your Dream Award

See the Live Your Dream page on the main Soroptimist site.

one Determine if you’re eligible.
two Complete the application.
three Complete two reference forms.
four Submit your application materials.


Questions? See these Frequently Asked Questions or contact
Fill in each writeable field completely, and be sure to sign your name at the bottom. Each section has tips to help you best complete the application.
Click here to download the application.
You will need two different people (NOT related to you) to fill out the reference form. Please email this form to your references and request that they email it back to you when complete. Only two references will be accepted. Please use the form and do not submit reference letters.
Click here to download the reference form
NOTE: Be sure to save the documents to your computer or a USB/thumb drive. Otherwise, you risk losing any information you have entered and will need to begin again. After downloading the application (before you begin entering your information), select “Save As” from the “File” menu and change the file name (for example, “LYDappLG.pdf,” where “LG” are your initials.) Then click “Save.” Click here for more instructions on using writeable PDF forms.
The application period is open now through November 30, 2016. Once you have completed your responses to the application questions and your references have returned the completed reference forms to you, you are ready to submit your application. Please note you may only submit your application materials once. Submitting to multiple clubs will disqualify you from consideration. Click here to begin the submission process. Live Your Dream

Live Your Dream